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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I must say that today feels like I am officially done with school-I guess because I can actually savor a rainy day and do other activities other than reading or homework; such as finishing a graffiti sketch from over a year ago that I did for my girlfriend….what has become of me?

I am just picking what marker gets into my hand, whatever feels good, whatever works….I am simple-who the hell do I really want to be? Is it even up to me? There is no hiding much when I have realize my talent long ago, back when I use to post my artwork with band-aids in the wall above my bed when I was five.

Perhaps tonight was a revelation of a "true" me? If not, I can at least say that I have become rather more organized within myself, within my element, and ideas. Could it be possible that I had this figure out from a while back? Perhaps my questioning here renders useless, however, I think I am clearly a bit excited here about something good.

(Quick rendition sketch by Hector Bernal)

In further news-Blak Des.s will undergo its first meeting with the first (possibly founding designers) to form the group which I have long awaited for action. For the mean time, I will ensure privacy to my network collaborative people, since this is still in schematic. Three people are on board, one of which is a CAD guru Interior Designer from SDSU (good friend of mine in case you cannot tell), a graduate from SDSU with a Furniture Design degree, and another providing the artisan expertise in construction; as well rounded furniture maker and designer alike. We are only getting older, and what tat said, I think there is not much time to worry about the economic crisis or other rubbish that can work against us-we are progressive thinkers, this very same nation made us that way….keep that in mind.

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