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Monday, January 13, 2014


 From conceptual drawings, to photoshop "photoshoot" to reality. Dreams come true- end of story

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome back!

After much turbulence, fear, doubt and uncertainty... I am back

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have finally decided on a name for one of my many pieces, it just so happens to be one of my newer designs. "STRUK" is my first chair design, consisting of a light weight inner steel structure, and surrounding the structure with plywood or other applicable material. Much of it is being documented and being put into a set of working drawings as well as a study model for further development.
Me and my team will try to push for summer and start production-our "pilot" product will be sold through www.etsy.com In the mean time, we will also try to make some one time concept prototypes to take to our sale shows or convention centers-stay tune, it is about to get good. -BD

Saturday, February 27, 2010


BLAK DES.S. is now on Facebook.com-join, and show support by becoming a fan of this up and coming design group.

Stay tuned, as three other people have since joined the design team, and will soon be a collaborative group effort as opposed to an individual design project (me; Hector Bernal). We hope to have a final product design by early March, and preview the concept on this blog.

If you really must know, it will be small, it will come with a "prize inside" but unfortunately, it will not cost 25 cents or come with caramelized popcorn. Once in production, you will be able to find us on www.edsy.com along with other competing craftsman of design-BD

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I must say that today feels like I am officially done with school-I guess because I can actually savor a rainy day and do other activities other than reading or homework; such as finishing a graffiti sketch from over a year ago that I did for my girlfriend….what has become of me?

I am just picking what marker gets into my hand, whatever feels good, whatever works….I am simple-who the hell do I really want to be? Is it even up to me? There is no hiding much when I have realize my talent long ago, back when I use to post my artwork with band-aids in the wall above my bed when I was five.

Perhaps tonight was a revelation of a "true" me? If not, I can at least say that I have become rather more organized within myself, within my element, and ideas. Could it be possible that I had this figure out from a while back? Perhaps my questioning here renders useless, however, I think I am clearly a bit excited here about something good.

(Quick rendition sketch by Hector Bernal)

In further news-Blak Des.s will undergo its first meeting with the first (possibly founding designers) to form the group which I have long awaited for action. For the mean time, I will ensure privacy to my network collaborative people, since this is still in schematic. Three people are on board, one of which is a CAD guru Interior Designer from SDSU (good friend of mine in case you cannot tell), a graduate from SDSU with a Furniture Design degree, and another providing the artisan expertise in construction; as well rounded furniture maker and designer alike. We are only getting older, and what tat said, I think there is not much time to worry about the economic crisis or other rubbish that can work against us-we are progressive thinkers, this very same nation made us that way….keep that in mind.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here-but I have been busy with more designs on furniture and interning recently at www.OCIOdesigngroup.com-check out their website and work they have done!

I have recently venture into pattern design (something I have wanted to do for a while). I have also designed a few more pieces here and there; some of them a couple of coffee tables, small boxes, a marker holder (just on the spot thing I did), and my biggest piece yet-a sideboard....because I always wanted one of those. I am in the process of teaming up with another guy who is handy at the woodshop and just as dedicated to furniture and construction as I am-hopefully this year some of these pieces can come to life -BD

Saturday, June 20, 2009

GOLIATH-ground breaking project

I love furniture and I am not ashamed to say it. This summer will be exciting since in a year I was able to acquired a massive scoop of knowledge and skills that have yet to be applied in a real world setting-then again, who said this built is a joke?

GOLIATH will be a massive seven-foot bookshelf and mass storage unit consisting of a mixture of materials to execute the construction of such a massive piece. So far the idea has progressed into this mixture of materials in order to save wood and lumber use-thus, making the massive piece light, which roughly measures around 7'x3'x3'. ( at left,a model of the project to come).

My method of construction has evolved into a visual effect of light weight holding heavy weight-materials which are being considered are wood, MDF, stainless steel hardware, wood siding, plastic and perhaps the best feature; polycarbonate.

Expected date of completion-August 2009